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Empire Truck & Trailer News

  • COVID-19 Message

    We're open! Empire Truck & Trailer is an Empire Southwest affiliate company. Empire Southwest conducts activity that is declared a “critical infrastructure sector” as defined under statewide orders for shelter in place. We are a necessary resource to support vital client operations for agriculture/food supply, public health, energy and infrastructure. read more
  • 4 Ways to Reduce Truck Fleet Costs

    As the owner or manager of a truck fleet, you know one of your biggest challenges is keeping your costs down. Operating a truck fleet is an expensive business. Costs can fluctuate widely based on economic conditions, seasonal changes, fuel prices, and occasionally, unexpected repairs.Just the regular necessities of running a truck fleet can eat up cash. Routine maintenance, tire wear and parts replacement are expected, but wildcards like fuel prices are difficult to predict. Safety is another cost factor. One serious accident alone can set you back more than the entire price of a truck. read more
  • 21 Tips for Buying Used Trucks

    When it comes to buying a used truck, there’s lots to be prepared for. You’ll likely need to spend several hours researching what’s available, comparing prices and features, and determining which truck will meet your specific needs. In order to further narrow down your search, you’ll also need to factor in the inevitable costs that come with purchasing a used vehicle so you can budget accordingly and receive the most value. Though this task may seem overwhelming, we’ve assembled a used truck purchase checklist along with some important tips for buying used semi-trucks and used diesel trucks to help guide you through the process. read more
  • Managing Your Trucks’ Fuel

    You do not even have to own a vehicle to be aware of the basic and undeniable fact that fuel is expensive. There is a direct link between fuel usage and the bottom line, and nobody knows that better than the people using and managing big trucks do. Fuel comprises a huge part of the expenses in any kind of company that involves transport. Ultra-competitive business climates, along with increasingly stringent regulations, effectively force you to pay attention to fuel usage and to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency. New rules took effect in 2015 that demanded an overall 20 percent increase in the fuel efficiency of trucks. read more
  • Canter FE/FG Series Work Trucks

    Fuso’s Canter FE/FG Series Work Trucks will soon be available from Empire Truck & Trailer. Sales Manager Mike Shannon said he expects the all-new cabover trucks to arrive within a few weeks. read more
  • Empire Southwest Honored at ARPA Annual Convention Awards

    Empire Southwest received the Associate of the Year award at the annual Arizona Rock Products Association (ARPA) Convention Awards. The award was presented to Empire Southwest for being a prominent leader in the Association and supporting all aspects of what ARPA does. Empire has been extremely involved, and has helped contribute to the ARPA mission and supported ARPA by fulfilling their strategic planning obligations. For over 56 years, the Arizona Rock Products Association has been providing representation for 42 member companies involved with the production of aggregates, asphaltic concrete, ready mix concrete, asphalt, lime products, and Portland cement. Their producer members, along with over 53 associate members provide related transportation, contracting, and consulting services, make ARPA one of the most influential public and private policy advocates in Arizona today. “Empire Truck and Trailer has been a significant association supporter and is always willing to step up and help our efforts especially when it comes to the big events. Empire Machinery, Empire Southwest and Empire Truck and Trailer have been phenomenal. The support of Doug Calvet, Jack Owen, Mike Shannon have offered over the years has never gone unnoticed. Jay Eller is another that has gone above and beyond in supporting the Association. Those efforts include Mining Day at the Capitol, participation in Northern and Southern ARPA, and providing education and training along with use of the Empire facility for key Association functions. We are grateful for what Empire represents and how much they value the mission of the Association.” -Steve Trussell, Excutive Director ARPA& Dan Duffy, Community Relations Manager ARPA read more
  • Empire Truck and Trailer Technicians Earn Master Certification

    Two Empire Truck & Trailer Technicians prove to be a step above the competition by being the first members of their team to earn the title of Master Technician by the National Institute for Automotive Service. read more
  • Grand Prize in Win a Cat Truck Contest

    In the Win A Cat® Truck contest that ultimately drew more than 300 entries and 47,500 votes, LPA Marine of Peaks Island, Maine, came out on top—winning a brand-new Cat CT660 Vocational Truck, the first in a full line of vocational trucks from Caterpillar. read more
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