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belly dump trailerBelly Dump Trailers for Sale

Dumping materials with linear precision and consistency requires a clamshell bucket dump gate in the body of the trailer. Empire Truck & Trailer offers belly dump trailers for sale suited for this purpose. They maneuver easily in forward and in reverse, allowing you to lay rock, sand, gravel or other material in long, perfectly aligned rows.

Empire Truck & trailer carries both new and used belly dump trailers for sale. Call us for more information or contact us today!

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Trail King Belly Dumps for Sale at Empire Truck & Trailer

Get the best selection of belly dump trailers for sale by shopping Empire Truck & Trailer. We are an authorized Trail King dealer, making us your exclusive source for the following products:

  • Trail King Advantage: The Trail King Advantage belly dump, available for sale from Empire Truck & Trailer, features a 22 cubic yard hopper with 11” 6’ clam, full-width fenders, lightweight design and a large oil reservoir for a longer operating time and better control.
  • Trail King Ultralite: The UltraLite bottom dump is designed for on-highway use. Featuring a 100,000 psi upper hopper and 175,000 psi frame, the Ultralite is made of Domex/Docal high strength steel components for a low cost of ownership and advanced maneuverability.

Why Buy Used?

Purchasing a used belly dump trailer from Empire Truck & Trailer is a cost effective way to expand your business without a large capital investment. Used bottom dump trailers from Empire Truck & Trailer come fully serviced and ready for use on your next project. Our team of experts can provide comprehensive trailer service and DOT inspections for our entire used inventory. We also offer preventive maintenance plans to keep your equipment running for years to come. In the event that you do experience a breakdown, we also provide 24/7, on-site emergency service throughout Arizona.

Contact our team today for more information about our used trailer inventory and related services.

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