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medium duty trucks

Medium Duty Trucks for Sale

Medium duty trucks include all vehicles in US classes four, five and six with a gross vehicle weight rating between 14,001 and 26,000 lbs. Empire Truck & Trailer has a large selection of medium duty trucks for sale, including the Canter FE/FG series vocational trucks, which are available in class four and five configurations. Medium duty trucks can be used for a number of industry applications, including refrigerated delivery, road and utility work, landscaping and more.

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Medium Duty Trucks for Sale at Empire Truck & Trailer

  • Class four trucks: Empire Truck & Trailer carries several models of new and used class four trucks gross vehicle weight rated to between 14,001 and 16,000 lbs. Class four trucks are suitable for landscaping, personnel transport and other uses.
  • Class five trucks: Class five trucks include all units with a gross vehicle weight rating from 16,001 to 19,500 lbs. Empire Truck & Trailer carries medium duty class five trucks for utility work, hauling and other applications.
  • Class six trucks: Class six represents the highest-level medium duty truck available. Class six vehicles are weight rated up to 26,000 lbs and may include beverage trucks, stake trucks, single axle vans and rack trucks. A number of new and used class six medium duty trucks are available for sale from Empire Truck & Trailer.
medium duty trucks

Used Medium Duty Trucks for Sale

If you are looking to expand your fleet without investing in a new vehicle, you can shop a wide selection of used medium-duty trucks for sale at Empire Truck & Trailer. Our inventory is changing constantly, and it includes vehicles by leading manufacturers such as Ford, Peterbilt and Mitsubishi. All of our used units undergo extensive reconditioning. We can also put together a maintenance package that saves you money on regular service.

For more information about new and used medium-duty trucks for sale, contact Empire Truck & Trailer today.

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