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Commercial Truck Repair

TruckRepairWe are the Truck Service Experts

When a part of your fleet breaks down, fast, professional commercial truck repairs can mean the difference between meeting your deadlines and losing money. At Empire Truck & Trailer, we provide premium commercial truck repair services to keep your business up and running.

From Oil Changes to Overhauls

Empire Truck & Trailer is a full-service commercial truck repair provider serving Arizona and southeast California. We offer everything from express lube service to engine and transmission rebuilds. See below for our full list of commercial truck repair services, or contact one of our seven locations directly for more information.

Qualified Staff That Knows Commercial Trucks

Our trained, certified technicians perform expert maintenance and repair services on all types commercial, on-highway and vocational trucks. We have over 40 years in the truck engine business, and have earned a reputation for fast, reliable and quality service support. We are an authorized commercial truck repair provider for Mitsubishi Fuso and Cat Vocational trucks, and we’re qualified to service Navistar, Cummings and other parts.

Field Service Available

If you experience a breakdown on the road, Empire Truck & Trailer has you covered. We operate a fleet of seven mobile service vehicles to provide on-site commercial truck repairs throughout Arizona. Purchase one of our extended service plans, and your repair may be covered. We also offer mobile DOT and BIT inspections, as well as preventative maintenance.

Contact us to schedule in-shop or mobile service

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Air Conditioning

Empire technicians are certified and trained to use the latest recovery and recharging equipment. We can maintain or repair any system, whether your system needs an upgrade to the newest Freon, you have a major component failure, or you have a simple problem with a dash fan motor, we can fix it. We test and repair using the latest equipment and protect our environment in the process. 

DOT Inspection

Empire is an official DOT inspection site, and meets or exceeds state requirements for performing legally required, annual DOT vehicle inspections. Defects identified during inspections are noted and repair estimates are presented to vehicle owners. No commercial truck repairs are made without owner approval. Vehicles that pass inspection receive an official DOT Sticker and inspection form.

BIT Inspection

Empire technicians are trained BIT Inspectors and meet the requirements for performing California BIT Inspections. Defects identified during inspections are noted and repair estimates are presented to vehicle owners. No repairs are made without owner approval. Vehicles that pass inspection receive a copy of the official inspection forms.


Empire is your one-stop shop for troubleshooting and repair services for commercial truck air, hydraulic and anti-lock brake systems from all makes and models. Our large inventory of in-stock brake parts keeps repair time to a minimum: most jobs are in and out in a day.


Clutches have never required much preventive maintenance, and those in newer vehicles need even less. Empire's standard practice for heavy duty clutches follows the specifications of the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC), which lists four primary factors affecting heavy duty clutch service:

  • Powertrain specifications (engine, clutch, transmission, axle and tires)
  • Control of powertrain torsional activity
  • Driver technique (starting gear selection, engagement technique, driving habits)
  • Clutch maintenance (adjustment, lubrication, protection from rust and contamination)

"These factors are not independent of each other" says TMC. "For example, powertrain specifications can have a major effect on the third listed factor - driver technique."

Dyno Service

At our Empire Truck & Trailer Phoenix, AZ location, we use a chassis dyno to check your engine’s performance, help you get maximum fuel economy and troubleshoot any hard-to-diagnose engine problems. We can also check your cooling system to be sure it’s running at peak efficiency — that’s important in the desert!

Electrical Systems

Empire technicians are experienced in the inspection and repair of all electrical systems. Wiring shorts are often found to be the source of electrical failures. High-tech computer systems allow us to detect and repair them quickly.


Empire technicians have been trained and equipped with the specialized skills and experience needed to troubleshoot and repair commercial truck air and air ride/spring combination suspensions. In addition, we are able to perform front-end repairs on all makes and models, maximizing your vehicle’s safety, tire life and fuel economy.


Empire Truck and Trailer offers repair and replacement services for many brands of transmissions. Whether your equipment is heavy, medium or light duty, we can help. We also offer rebuilt and used transmissions.
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