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Trailer Repair & Trailer Service

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At Empire Truck & Trailer, we know our trailers inside and out, and that’s why we are happy to provide reliable trailer repair services for our customers. We’ll service your trailer to make sure it works properly when you need it, and we’ll repair trailers as needed. 

We’re known in this industry as trailer repair experts, from brake and air line replacements, to lift gates and landing gear repairs. Our trailer service experts are happy to do preventative trailer maintenance as well as DOT inspections. With our vast selection of trailer parts, we will have your trailer back on the road fast.

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Air Lines

Audible air leaks are a serious DOT violation. We can locate, diagnose and repair or replace air lines, hoses or valves as needed. We will route and secure the air lines or hoses to help prevent future issues.


Trailers are still equipped with S-CAM braking systems that require lubrication and adjustment. Self-adjusting slack adjusters may keep the brakes adjusted, but periodic lubrication and operational checks are still necessary. 

Newer trailers equipped with ABS (AntiSkid Brake Systems) may experience electrical problems. These can be located by connecting to our shop’s computer system. Once the problem fault code is identified, we can correct it.

DOT Inspections

Empire is an official DOT inspection site, and meets or exceeds state requirements for performing legally required, annual DOT vehicle inspections. Defects identified during inspections are noted and repair estimates are presented to vehicle owners. No repairs are made without owner approval. Vehicles that pass inspection receive an official DOT Sticker and inspection form.

Landing Gear

When a tractor drops its trailer, the trailer’s landing gears and supports must be tight and secure or the trailer will fall to the ground. During our Preventive Inspection, all landing gear components are checked and lubricated so they work properly. Another good reason to lubricate: stiff landing gear can cause back injuries to drivers and lost time for their companies.

Lift Gates


We service and repair all types of lift gates, including tuck-a-way lift gates and rail gates. We can also locate and correct electrical or structural problems in your gate.

Lights and Wiring

Salt and chemicals used on the highways today can damage a trailer’s light and wiring connections. Empire technicians can find and fix this problem. We use only crimp type connectors instead of clip lock connectors, which deteriorate over time, and we secure your harnesses with loom clamps and nylon straps. To assure that all your lights are in working order, we simulate a connection to your truck’s power source via our own portable connector.

Overhead and Swing Doors

Trailers with overhead or swing doors are not a problem for Empire. We service and maintain Todco and Whiting doors, and stock replacement parts for both. We also service the rear doors on refrigerated trailers as well. Whatever the problem — a broken hinge or roller, or a complete door replacement — we can fix it!

Preventative Maintenance

A preventive maintenance program for your trailer is just as important as it is for the truck that pulls it. It is imperative that your trailer’s components are periodically checked and adjusted to maximize the life expectancy of all components and insure the drivability of the complete unit as a combination. We specialize in keeping your trailer in top working order so you can run it worry free. We can tailor an onsite or in-shop maintenance program that fits your needs.

Roof Repairs

Empire Truck & Trailer can repair or replace your damaged aluminum or translucent trailer roof. We can also replace upper rails and front headers, and get you back on the road quickly.

Springs and Suspension

Today's trailers use many different types of suspension. Many are equipped with air ride suspensions or combination air ride/spring suspensions. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot all suspension types. Whether the problem is a rough ride, uneven ride height or a broken spring or hanger, Empire can fix it.

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