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Preventative Maintenance 

Service Plans to Ease Truck and Trailer Maintenance

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All trucks have in one thing in common, they need occasional tune-ups to ensure optimal running condition and avoid breakdowns. Engines need oil changes, batteries need replaced and transmissions need proper lubrication to allow for efficient and durable operation.  

Empire Truck & Trailer offers a wide range of preventive maintenance solutions to keep your truck reliable and running smooth. We are committed to keep your fleet in excellent condition by providing long-term service, and establishing scheduled maintenance and inspection plans. We offer genuine parts and kits, flexible options and scheduling, and extensive documentation of your fleet’s service history records.

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Empire’s Four Levels of Preventive Maintenance

Here at Empire Truck & Trailer, we are proud of our ability to diagnose, service and maintain a wide variety of truckmakes and models. And because each type of truck has different needs and potential service considerations, we offer four levels of preventive maintenance to make sure we’re keeping your fleet in top condition, and fully prepared for whatever your next job will throw at it.

Our four levels include:

  • EngineRepairPM1: If this PM level is appropriate for your truck, we will change the engine oil and oil filter, take an engine oil sample for testing, fully lubricate the machine, change the primary air filter, change the fuel filter, drain the water separator and perform an overall visual and operational inspection.
  • PM2: This PM level includes everything you get with PM1, plus a replacement secondary air filter, coolant filter and hydraulic and transmission filters, if applicable to your make/model.
  • PM3: If your truck is eligible for maintenance at the PM3 level, you’ll receive everything included in the first two tiers, plus we’ll take a coolant sample for testing and change your power steering filter, if applicable to your make/model.
  • PM4: This truck preventive maintenance level includes everything in the PM1, 2 and 3 tiers. In addition, we’ll change out your differential and transmission oil.

Why Empire?

Empire Truck & Trailer is staffed by expert technicians who are thoroughly trained and experienced in all facets of truck maintenance. In addition to our preventive maintenance program, we also offer 24-hour emergency mobile service to address immediate truck repair needs at your convenience. We offer locations throughout the Southwest and will be able to help you and your staff when you need it most.

Contact Empire for Preventive Truck Maintenance Today

If you’re looking for a dependable and trustworthy partner who will ensure your trucks receive the care and service they need, contact Empire Truck & Trailer today. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to work with you to assess and address your needs.

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Preventive Maintenance for Individual Components

In addition to the broad maintenance tiers described above, Empire Truck & Trailer is your one-stop shop for inspections, diagnoses and — if necessary — replacements for a variety of individual internal components of your hard-working truck assets.

take a look at each of the areas in which Empire can help keep your trucks running strong below:


Don’t let your drivers out on the road with a weak electrical system. We can load test your batteries, top off battery cells, inspect cables for cracks and corrosion, and clean all cables and terminals with an anti-corrosion protectant.

BIT Inspections

Empire offers a fleet of trained BIT inspectors who meet the requirements for performing California BIT inspections. We will pinpoint defects and assemble an estimate detailing our repair plans, which we will only pursue with your approval. We offer copies of official inspection forms for vehicles that pass inspection.

Cooling Systems

Have Empire’s team look at your trucks’ cooling systems to check for leaks and other related issues. We will also drain, flush and refill your system with fresh coolant

DOT Inspections

Trust your truck to Empire for DOT inspections — we are an official DOT inspection site, and we meet or exceed state requirements for performing legally required annual DOT vehicle inspections. We will note any defects we find during inspections and present a repair estimate to you outlining our planned course of action. We’ll only proceed with repairs with your authorization. Vehicles that pass our DOT inspections receive an official DOT sticker and inspection form.

Fuel Systems

Empire will perform full fuel system maintenance for your trucks. We’ll change the fuel filters and conduct an extensive fuel system inspection to look for leaks and any other issues.

Oil Changes

Empire’s oil change is a 30-point inspection that includes all DOT safety items. All fluid levels will be checked, and we will send an oil sample to our on-site lab to analyze.


Empire inspects both automatic and manual transmissions according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. If necessary, we’ll include a transmission filter and pan gasket and provide fresh transmission fluid.
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