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Eaton LogoEmpire Truck & Trailer is a proud distributor of Eaton products and solutions. Eaton products are designed to improve a truck's overall efficiency, performance and power – such as emission control components, engine valves, valvetrain systems and superchargers – as well as offering driveline expertise through its transmission, clutch and torque management products and systems.

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When you’re searching for transmissions capable of handling your toughest trucking applications and challenges, Eaton powertrain technologies answer the call. Eaton is known for powering businesses in a broad variety of industries and locations with OEM-quality products for more than 100 years.

Whether you’re in the market for synchronized manual transmissions, constant mesh manual transmissions or automated constant mesh manual transmissions, Eaton offers a full range of solutions and custom capabilities. Eaton transmissions are smart, fuel-efficient, safe and reliable to provide a definitive advantage over the competition. Within its extensive product line, you’re sure to find a transmission suited to your requirements.

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RT-13 and RT-18 Eaton Transmissions Eaton Clutch Transmission

Empire Truck & Trailer carries Eaton transmissions capable of use in industries ranging from agriculture, oil and mining to logging, refuse and off-highway work. If you’re looking for low shift effort and improved safety, drivability and efficiency, RT-13 and RT-18 transmissions feature an innovative low inertia design that takes the stress off the auxiliary section. A unique output seal provides lasting protection and stops seal damage during yoke removal, while helical gears in the auxiliary section reduce noise and vibrations. Models deliver ideal cruise RPMs with 0.73 and 0.86 overdrive, and come available with optimized lubrication systems for heavier duty jobs.

Additional benefits and features of these premium 13- and 18-speed transmissions include:

  • Exceptional Versatility — With 16.9 to 1 and 19.7 to 1 overall reduction and 14.40 (low gear), the RT-13 and RT-18 offer the ratio flexibility for maximum versatility.
  • Low Shift Technology — Smart technology ensures the right gear is selected at startup and throughout operation, taking into account a variety of factors to achieve optimal performance.
  • Unique Design — Eaton’s simply yet innovative-patented design utilizes a mainshaft that isn’t splined to the auxiliary gear, removing additional mass, drag and inertia that takes its toll on the auxiliary section.
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For many different types of businesses, choosing the right equipment is critical to success. The Easton transmissions we carry are capable of helping increase productivity while eliminating downtime and long-term expenses. These industry-leading transmissions give professional drivers the confidence to perform in all different tasks and conditions. For more information about our inventory of transmissions and the options that are available to you, get in touch with us to speak to a knowledgeable live representative. We’re available on the phone, online or by visiting us in person at an area location. Our professional team will be happy to answer all your questions about RT-13 and RT-18 transmissions and provide a free, competitive quote.

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